Storytime with Police K-9 connects Bucks County community in quarantine

Saturday, May 2, 2020
Storytime with Police K-9 connects Bucks County community in quarantine
"It's the best job that you could ever ask for," Officer Stephen Plum said about working with K-9 Murphy. Community Journalist Matteo shows us how they adapted to the era of COVID-

WARRINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- "He would lay his life down for me in a heartbeat without even thinking," said Officer Stephen Plum about his K-9 partner, Murphy.

Murphy and his sister, Jolie, are the furry superheroes of their Bucks County neighborhood. They are just two of the police K-9s belonging to the Warrington Township Police Department who found a new calling once the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Thanks to efforts by Officer Bloomingdale and Officer Plum's wife, Nancy, you can find these K-9s jumping over hurdles and chomping carrots on their Facebook page. There, you will also find Murphy and his partner, Officer Plum, reading "Green Eggs & Ham" among other children's books. The department also crafted K-9-themed activity pages so children can keep busy while stuck at home.

It started as a temporary replacement for community activities where, normally, children are amazed by an up-close experience with the dogs. In one moment, they are affectionately petting a loving animal. But they also are able to witness the instant switch into work-mode, where K-9s effectively execute tasks to apprehend criminals, sniff out narcotics, and more.

The dynamic creates a bond between children and the police department. But since the effects of Coronavirus have uprooted physical interactions, these bonds are being preserved on social media.

Officer Plum had always dreamed of working with a K-9, says his wife, Nancy. Fortunately, in 2018, the unit was formed thanks to donations from the community.

To see the dogs in action, visit their Facebook page.

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