Santa's Mailbox pops up on family's front lawn in Plymouth Meeting, PA

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Thursday, November 26, 2020
Santa's Mailbox pops up on family's front lawn in Plymouth Meeting, PA
Santa will write back when you send him a letter through this special mailbox!

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa. (WPVI) -- Children of the Walk family routinely penned letters to Santa Claus each holiday season. As adults, they're working hard to give other kids the same opportunity.

"Santa enjoyed having our mailbox out last year, so he asked us to do it again this year," said Daisy Walk, the family matriarch.

Their magical glowing portal sends letters to the North Pole, where Saint Nick can read everyone's wishes. Adjacent to the mailbox are blank letters for guests to fill out upon arrival. Santa will even write back to those who leave their return address on their letter.

"It helps to bring smiles and makes the kids happy and help to bring a little bit more magic back to everything," said Daisy.

Santa's Mailbox is the cherry on top of her glittering front lawn, located at 700 Renel Road in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Decorating it each year has become a family tradition.

"A little bit goes up every day," said Brittany Kline, who enjoys meeting with her sisters during the holiday season. "Just a little bit of hope that we'll get back to where we were before," she said.

When the Walk family started collecting mail last year, it was a side-dish to the many in-person encounters available with Santa Claus. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to separate families from those traditions, this mailbox is one of the few remaining main courses.

"At least, this is a way that the kids still get to have the magic of talking to Santa, even if it's through a letter," said Daisy.

The family of 8 gathered today for Thanksgiving dinner, though the headcount would surely be higher if not for the pandemic. Recent guidelines have further restricted the capacity for social activities, especially those that take place indoors.

"They're hoping to come up for Christmas depending on the numbers," Daisy said about her extended family.

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