West Philadelphia Girl Scout helps homeless, aims to form Black History club

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Saturday, February 18, 2023
See how this West Philly Girl Scout is becoming a changemaker
16-year-old Girl Scout Vashti Valentine is putting her whole heart into creating and commemorating Black History!

CHESTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "I think giving back is very important. That's what our church is really about," said 16-year-old Vashti Valentine. "Because there are people out there who don't have what you have."

Valentine, a resident of West Philadelphia, is a part of the Asbury-Murphy AME Church in Chester, Pennsylvania. There, she and her mother get involved with routine outreach services. Today, they joined the congregation with packing and distributing blessing bags to those less fortunate in the area.

When she's not working with the church, Valentine is doing community service as a Girl Scout with Troop 91. She has already achieved her silver award by creating masks for members of her church. As for her gold award, she is aiming to start a Black History club under the same roof.

"I plan on starting a Black History club to learn more about African American people in America and how they've contributed to us today," said Valentine.

Valentine will also be involved with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania's 'Take the Lead' initiative, which culminates with a camp-themed networking and cocktail reception in March.

Through the program, select Girl Scouts may shadow women who have a diverse array of careers and learn about their journeys. Valentine in particular was partnered with Nydia Han, the Consumer Investigative Reporter here at 6abc WPVI-TV.

During a recent visit to 6abc, Valentine was able to meet and interview Han. She got an up-close look at the process of bringing a story to life from conception to the broadcast. Following her experience, Valentine will pen a short essay to read upon introducing Han as an honoree at the Take the Lead event.

Nydia Han said the inspiration was a two-way street.

"She is already trying to be a change maker and an activist and I have so much respect for her and I learned so much today," she added.

Vashti Valentine was particularly touched by Han's experiences with racial discrimination. In 2017, Han's exchange with a motorist led to a viral social media post and digital series titled, "#ThisisAmerica."

"I really got to see how Nydia has overcome some of those racial issues as well and really put her best foot forward," said Valentine.

In the future, Valentine hopes to become an author, actress, or history teacher to better expose students to the lesser known success stories of all types of minorities in America.

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