New Jersey doctor makes house calls to help elderly in community

WOODBURY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Our Hometown Hero this week is a doctor who sometimes seems to be from a bygone era, but who helps his patients deal with the biggest medical problem of today.

Marjorie Satterfield has endured the unthinkable in the last year. She's been battling cancer, her loving husband, Lee, passed away, and like all of us, she's had to deal with the pandemic.

Her reason for hope, however, sits across from her.

Dr. John Daly of Seto Medical Providers helped Satterfield get vaccinated against COVID-19.

"He always gives his services to people that needed them," said Satterfield.

He's helped more than a dozen of his other elderly patients find vaccine appointments too.

"If they're having difficulty and they're trying to take care of their health, I try to treat them how I'd like others to treat my parents," said Daly.

He's one of the few doctors in New Jersey whose primary care office is primarily in homes.

"I don't know any of the doctors in the area that's home-visiting. In fact, I don't remember them since I was a little girl," said Satterfield.

For all of his patients who can't leave the house, Daly is hoping to get his own allotment of the COVID-19 vaccine soon. He says every year he brings flu shots to his patients and he hopes to do the same with this life-saving vaccine.

"To know that what you're doing does make a difference," he said.

Making this sort of difference has been on his heart since he opened his practice, SETO Medical Services, named for his late uncle Seto, who in his final years couldn't leave home.

"Seeing him at home being ill was part of the inspiration saying, 'Hey, I'm hoping that he's getting help at home,'" said Daly.
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