2023 Philadelphia Auto Show Preview hosted by Karen Rogers, Ducis Rodgers and Christie Illeto

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Thursday, February 2, 2023
Rewatch the 2023 Auto Show preview special!
The show is back at the Pennsylvania Convention Center with all the classic, custom and sports cars fans love. Check it out Jan. 28-Feb. 5.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia Auto Show brings new experiences for 2023.

Experience the ride with Ducis Rodgers, Karen Rogers and Christie Ileto as we take you behind the scenes.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center has been converted into the city's most prestigious parking lot with the latest and greatest cars, trucks and SUVs.

The show runs from January 28-February 5, we take you inside the show with an exclusive preview.

Here's what's on tap.

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January 28-February 5, 2023

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Check out the Floor plan here: 2023 Show room floor

Check out the Event Schedule here: www.phillyautoshow.com/show-info/event-schedule/


Electric Vehicles

This year's Show puts an emphasis on the growing trend around Electric Vehicles. With government incentives and manufacturers pushing to go green by 2030, EVs have become the most important product in the auto industry.

At the center of the showroom floor is the 50,000-square-foot E-Track where guests will be able to experience the ride in an electric vehicle.

There will be five manufacturers providing vehicles: Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Nissan and Volkswagen. The E-track not only gives guests the chance to see and feel the car, surrounding the area is a host of experts to answer questions on what it takes to live the EV lifestyle.

6 Things to See

The Philadelphia Auto Show is described as three shows in one.

The showroom provides the latest trends from manufacturers.

Downstairs, Custom Alley shows the possibilities of how a car can become a creative masterpiece through aftermarket upgrades.

And the Classics in the Grand Hall is one of the best collections in the country connecting generations of car-lovers.

We'll round up these spots on the floor plus Exotic Alley and the Hollywood Rides.

Like "Stranger Things"? They've got you covered.

Club Cars

Car Clubs add a personal touch to the Philadelphia Auto Show.

The Philadelphia region is one of the richest in car club membership and they love putting their wheels on display.

Meet the curator who brings these clubs together every year for the show.

Local Lane

Inside Custom Alley you will find Local Lane.

Thirty local car enthusiasts chosen from hundreds of entries put their passion on display at the Philadelphia Auto Show.

Learn how these people got involved and the impact their vehicles are making beyond the roadways.


What's the best ride for TaRhonda Thomas?

How about a good fit for Christie Ileto?

What would Rick Williams want if he were picking a vehicle?

Matt Pellman knows the roads better than anyone but does our matchmaker know what car he should be driving.

Nick Kurczewski is on the case and he pairs vehicles with 6abc personalities with a little help from their coworkers.

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Katherine Scott previews the 2023 Philadelphia Auto Show.

Ride & Drives

Katherine Scott shows us the incredible fun you can experience the ride with Toyota's outdoor drive in the streets of Philadelphia.

You can enjoy four different Toyota models and go for a ride around the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Inside, Camp Jeep returns with a 30,000-square-foot adventure course that can only be described as fun.

See how the Jeep handles all sorts of terrain inside the Philadelphia Auto Show.

RAM territory is new this year and right alongside Camp Jeep. An all-organic track has been built with terrain including logs, moguls and hills to show off the off-road capability of RAM's sports trucks.

State of the Industry

What is the latest on inventory issues affecting dealers?

Is the chip shortage a thing of the past?

We check out the latest news on what is happening in the auto industry including the big questions affecting the lots for local dealers.

See how the Auto Dealers are giving back to their communities through education, charitable giving and the annual Driving Away the Cold program that provides new coats to kids in need.

More Than Auto Dealers - https://www.morethanautodealers.com/