Holiday travelers hit the road

December 21, 2007 4:02:15 PM PST
An estimated 65-million people are traveling more than 50 miles between now and New Year's. Most of them are getting there on four wheels. Sure the airports are crowded, and Philadelphia International Airport is no exception. It's busy, even in spite of the fact that flyers are paying about 16-percent more for plane tickets than last year. But most holiday travelers will be getting there by taking the highways and byways.

An estimated 1/2 million people will be driving somewhere away from Philadelphia for the holidays. With gas price's sixty cents more than last year, some say they are generally driving less... except for now.

It's expected that Amtrak will move tens of thousands of holiday travelers through 30th Street Station this Christmas. Amtrak expects its peak travel time on Saturday with some of its trains sold out.

Friday was the biggest day for Christmas air travelers. With few weather problems nationwide most flights were on time.

The TSA has a reminder if you plan to carry onboard gifts, don't wrap them.