It's Happening Here: Making a Film!

February 1, 2008 10:23:59 AM PST
Have you dreamed of making your own movies, walking out of theaters and video rentals thinking "I could do that!" A local Philadelphia couple, Ramcess and Bennitta Jean-Louis decided to turn those things into a reality. Based on a script Ramcess wrote in a week, the husband and wife team went on a year long odyssey to make it into a screen ready film.

They held casting calls for actors, persuaded award winning photographers and others to join their team, negotiated places to shoot and edited the film on their own, and figured out the financing, all with no formal film school training.

Their film, Sarbane's Oxley, a tale of corporate and personal greed and mayhem, has been getting notice, even winning some film festivals.

Hear their story, and advice on how you too can make it to the silver screen, by clicking here. And click here to see the trailer for Sarbane's Oxley.