Racing the planet

March 25, 2008 7:02:53 AM PDT
Help Jacqueline Eastridge race across the world for a good cause. In the fast-paced legal world at Pepper Hamilton in Center City, Jacqueline Eastridge is a perfect fit.

Maybe that's because navigating the hallways is nothing, compared to navigating the world's most barren deserts.

This Sunday Jacqueline will embark on a 7-day, 150-mile ultra marathon through the Atacama Desert in Chile. She's already conquered the Sahara, and the Gobi.

"A marathon is like instant gratification. You can see your pizza at the finish line in 3 to 4 hours," Jacqueline said.

Each day after work, Jacqueline trades her pumps for sneakers and trains with an 18-pound backpack, inside which she'll carry everything she needs for a week, from food, clothing, to equipment.

"The only thing they provide you with is a tent to sleep in and hot water to cook food with so you're totally self sufficient. Like your own Sherpa, guiding yourself the to finish line," Jacqueline said.

To make a donation, go to which is a tribute page set up directly on the CHOP Web site.

To follow along daily throughout the race, which begins on Sunday, March 30th, go to To send Jacqueline an e-mail while she's racing, go to "Atacama Crossing, Chile" then click on "E-mail Competitor" at the top right-hand corner of the page.