Woman falls off cruise ship

May 12, 2008 8:54:26 PM PDT
The bad weather has forced the suspension of efforts to find a local woman who went overboard from a cruise ship. The vessel was on its way from New York to Bermuda, 45 miles northeast of Atlantic City when something went tragically wrong.Mindy Jordan's mother says the 46-year-old called her twice yesterday. Once to wish her a happy Mother's Day, and another time to tell her she was boarding the ship. Then today she heard from her daughter's boyfriend, who said Mindy had fallen overboard.

It is still unclear what happened to Mindy Jordan, but the Coast Guard has called off the search for her because of bad weather. Jordan's boyfriend of 2 and a half years, Jorge Caputo, called Mindy's mother to tell her she was fooling around near the edge of the ship, lost her grip and fell overboard Sunday night. It happened just hours after the cruise ship, called the Norweigian Dawn, departed New York City for Bermuda.

"So I said, 'What are you going to do?' Because he said something about helicopters being there, and he said, 'Well I guess I'm just going to have to go on to Bermuda.' So, he's continuing his trip as usual," explained Louise Horton, Mindy's mother.

The family wants a full investigation into what happened.

Mindy's sister Julie August says, "My sister is 4-foot 10, 98 pounds. It would not have been easy for her to get up on a railing. Nor is that in character for her. She is a nurse. She's not prone to behavior like that."

Jordan is a home health care nurse and the mother of two teenagers. She lives with Caputo in their home in Pine Hill, New Jersey. There was a person inside the home Monday night but she did not come to the door.

Action News tried to reach Caputo on his cell phone but was unsuccessful.

Louise says the cruise line has offered it's condolences but little information. The FBI will head the investigation.