Some businesses gaining from economic pain

July 1, 2008 9:07:22 PM PDT
For most people, this economy is causing pain. But, for some businesses, it's providing real gains. Consumers are said to be saving not spending, but not true when it comes to businesses like Human Zoom, a bike shop in Manayunk. Stanley Tworek says his customers explain it like this, "I don't want to spend 4 dollars a gallon on gas, I don't mind riding 6 miles to work." A lot of people are riding to work he said and as a result, his business went up 30 percent in June, both in rentals and sales. In fact, Tworek says more and more people are renting bikes on the weekend and riding as an alternative to vacation. And, while people are opting for bike trips across town as opposed to a summer vacation cross country, they also seem to be taking advantage of all the local tourism sites, like Independence hall. Kevin Tilsner of Historic Philadlephia Incorporated said, "I've noticed it seemed fuller and people always have something to do like with the story telling benches." They are a part of the free attractions offered down at Independence Hall, and just up the road at Philadelphia Home Art Garden, a home accessories and interior design store, owner Jason Crook says business is booming. Crook told us, "people are staying put now as opposed to builders putting up new construction or people trying to get something brand new." As a result, he's being kept busy with people re-doing their kitchens, bathrooms, getting new furniture and repainting. Crook says the interior design branch of his business is up 50 percent from last year, which is good because his work with builders who are putting up new construction has taken a significant hit.