More blockbuster grocery savings!

March 20, 2009 6:45:01 AM PDT
Our initial goal back in February was to cut our grocery bill in half but then a woman named Susan Samter presented us with a challenge.

Tonight at 11, we see if Susan Samter can head out to the store and come up with the same kind of savings again!

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You can see the receipt from our trip to the store by following this link the the printout. We've also posted Susan's entire shopping list so you'll be able to see all the items we bought. It includes items in every category - including items from the meat aisle, including fresh chicken.

She said she could take home $200 worth of groceries for less than $20. It's hard to believe but Susan told us she'd not only do it but do it by using a very simple method, just by combining store sales and loyalty card savings with coupons.

Coupon Queen Susan Samter saves at least 50-percent every time she shops.

"So if I'm going to buy $140 worth of groceries it won't cost me more than $70 and most of the time it'll cost me even less."

Here's an example of the coupon queen's key strategy.

"They have the apple juice on sale for 98-cents."

But Susan also has a 50-cent coupon for the juice and since Acme doubles manufacturer coupons Susan now gets a dollar-off.

"So I'm able to get that apple juice absolutely free."

Birds Eye packages are on sale 2 for $3.00 but Susan also has a coupon for $2.00 off, so if she gets one package ?

"I can't get the 50-cents back but I'm going to get it completely free."

Susan says you can apply this same strategy over and over again with most items at most stores.

First thing she says to do is to organize your grocery list into categories.

"It makes your shopping much, much easier."

Her coupons are categorized, too.

"You know the problem is people say it's too much work, it's too hard, it really isn't you just have to have a little routine."

Susan says her best deal was in the detergent aisle.

"This is definitely going to be our deal of the day."

Each bottle of Dynamo detergent is $6.99.

"But because Acme has a special of buy one get two free."

You're automatically getting two free!

"But I have a coupon that says your choice free and one of the free items is Dynamo. So I don't even have to pay for the first one. So we're getting more than $20 worth of product for free absolutely free!"

Susan uses store circular coupons as well as coupons she finds in the aisles and on packages.

"So sometimes it just pays to look a little bit when you're shopping."

The coupon queen also sends away for savings.

"Some of the coupons I have, or most of them, are the result of a refund where a manufacturer has said buy my product, send the proof of purchase and we'll send you one free."

But can we really get this cart full of groceries for less than $20?

We'll see.

First, Susan gives our clerk her Acme Savings card.

"And it's getting me that detergent for free Zoeanne! I know that's right."

Our total comes out to $211.70 but then the clerk enters all our coupons.

The bill begins to shrink.

It goes down more and more and more until in the end our $211.70 grocery bill has melted down to nearly nothing.

"I actually owe them 42-cents," Susan said. "I feel great. It's such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment."

Acme's store manager tells me the store does take SOME online coupons but not all. It has to have a bar code that can be scanned and show the website source. Acme does not take competitors' coupons.

If you have more questions about Susan's methods, you can email her directly, too - Also, just a reminder, as Susan said in our story, she regularly saves about 50% off her total grocery bill.

If you want that same feeling but don't have time to cut, collect, and mail away for your own coupons and rebate offers Susan will do it for you for a fee. You can also subscribe to Refundle Bundle her quarterly guide to refund and coupon offers. A two-year subscription is about $24.

Susan Samter is giving our Action News viewers an exclusive deal for the Select Coupon Program: a free one-month trial. Consumers can sign up and get $25 in coupons. After the first month, consumers will be charged $4.95 a month for the program. If they do not want to be charged, they must cancel within 30 days.

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