Local students protest Iran election

June 17, 2009 8:55:17 PM PDT
They took to the streets of Rittenhouse Square to protest the Iranian election results.RELATED: See photos of the protest from Rittenhouse Square.

Singing in Farsi, some 150 people, mostly Iranian students studying in area universities, told of their solidarity with the students now demonstrating againt the election results in Iran.

They spoke defiantly against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, chanting, 'He's not my president!'

"He's just a liar, he just lies to everyone, to our people," student Arastoo said.

They accused Ahmadinejad and his supporters of a form of coup de'tat by negating the voice of the people and claimed that the election was rigged.

"We don't know who won the election, but we're pretty sure the results that were announced are not the real voice of the people," a student organizer told Action News.

Many ask that we use only their first names or not use their names at all for fear of repercussions to their families back home in Iran.

"We are fighting for freedom and equality," student Armen said.

"Democracy for us would be being able to choose our leaders?women would have equal rights as men would," student Ghazal said.

Even here, half a world away from Iran, some students asked that we conceal their faces on camera for fear of what could happen to them and their families back home.

"All of my family and friends are in Iran," student Honey said.

When asked if she was concerned for her loved ones she replied, "Yes, yes, too much, too much."

Student Marjan said, "They are attacking the university students."

We asked many of them if they felt President Obama was doing enough and the answer from all asked pretty much echoed the thought of student Ali.

"I think the stance taken is correct because we don't want any foreign government to interfere in one way or the other," student Ali said.

One students questioned does not see what is happening in Iran as a revolution.

"I don't see it as a revolution; people have legitimate requests from the government to respect their votes," the student said.

Amidst their fear, amidst their reservations about calling what's happening in Iran "a revolution", they all long for democracy, a democracy many of those here believe will be years in the making.

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