You can save money and the environment

February 20, 2012 2:06:09 PM PST
Getting a $45 belt for $18 is great deal. But it's even better when you learn that the belt is made from recycled materials.

And Paige Wolf, author of "Spit That Out," a guide for environmentally-conscious parents, says there are plenty of eco-friendly good deals out there, if you know where to look.

"A lot of retailers and brands are realizng that they need to find ways to make sustainable products more accessible," Wolf says. "And a great way to learn about and discover some great green and eco-friendly brands is with flash sale sites. "

Like the familiar Groupon and Living Social, "green" flash sale sites email out a deal each day, with items priced about 50% off retail.

But the items are sustainable, organic, Fair Trade or otherwise "eco-friendly."

As a mom, Wolf says GreenBabyBargains is her favorite.

"I got a great set of veggie baby paints," Wolf says. "Super non-toxic paints for kids and toddlers. My son's going to have a great time with these and I got these more than 50% off."

She also found a Monkey Doodlez reusable swim diaper for 50% off, along with Agoo sustainable bamboo leggings for 54% off.

As for own shopping needs, Wolf says, "For shopping for myself, I have two favorite sites, that I really can't choose between. One is and one is 3825 and these are great sites where they find hot, high-style, super fashionable, sustainable clothing and jewlery and I've bought some amazing things from some of my favorite brands."

On PureCitizen, she found the $18 belt, which is vegan and made from recycled plastic bottles. And a leather clutch, which is 100% recycled and cost $40, which is 50% off the retail price.

Wolf explains, "This was a leather jacket, that was already produced and existed, so these were worn, used leather jackets that were broken down and they made these really cute sylish clutches out them."

And Wolf emphasizes that these budget-friendly, eco-friendly items can also be very stylish.

Some other eco-friendly sites are: