6at4 Business Report: Shamrock Shakes, Kodak, Microsoft

February 9, 2012 2:21:42 PM PST
The Philly-born Shamrock Shake is finally going nationwide!

Greek debt deal triggers markets
News out of Greece pushed the market higher. Another agreement that may clear the way for a deal to cut the nation's debt which would be its 2nd rescue package in two years. That deal includes deep cuts to wages and public sector jobs in Greece.

Kodak - The end of era
Eastman Kodak is closing the book on its digital camera business. It marks the end of an era for a company that brought photography to the masses more than 100 years ago. Kodak is trying to reorganize in bankruptcy and says it's also phasing out pocket video cameras and digital picture frames. The company will honor all product warranties and provide tech support for the products that are being discontinued.

Windows 8
Get ready for Windows 8! Later this month, Microsoft plans to unveil its latest operating system. The twist is that Microsoft is relying on this one to make headway into the tablet-computer market. The tech company hasn't been faring too well in the past because more people are defecting from laptops to tablets like Apple's iPad.

Shamrock shakes
For the first time ever, McDonald's is taking its shamrock shake nationwide. It's become kind of a cult favorite like the McRib. The Associated Press says the minty green St. Patrick's day milk shake will be available in all 14,000 U.S. restaurants through March 25. Remember, the Shamrock Shake was born in Philadelphia back in 1970 when Philadelphia Eagles tight end Fred Hill's daughter developed leukemia. It started as a weeklong promo that donated all the profits to the first Ronald McDonald house.