Fmr. owner sought in Warminster restaurant shooting surrenders (PHOTOS)

January 12, 2013 3:50:21 PM PST
Sources tell Action News the former restaurant owner wanted for shooting up his old shop in Warminster, has turned himself in.


Jose Delagado, the former owner of Mama Juana's restaurant, surrendered to authorities with his lawyer by his side, around midnight.

The shooting happened around 10:00 a.m. Friday at the restuarant on County Line Road in Warminster Township.

The Warminster restaurant was closed Friday and the shopping center was locked down.

"This was an extremely serious and hazardous situation, and it is just by the grace of God we don't have multiple gunshot victims," said Chief Mike Murphy.

"There was an extreme amount of danger involved," said Warminster Township Police Chief Mike Murphy. "It is a miracle no one was struck, seriously injured or killed."

According to an affidavit, Delgado sold the business a month before.

But around 9:30 a.m. police say, he walked inside the restaurant and demanded it back. When the victim refused, Delgado fired one round into the ceiling over the victim's head before threatening to kill him if he didn't give it back.

In the end, police say he riddled the inside of the business with at least 7 shots. There were three people in the restaurant at the time. No one was injured.

A look inside Mama Juana's reveals a lot of damage left behind by the shooting.

Other business owners say they are relieved Delgado is in custody.

"It has made me feel better, it is safer for the community," said Rena Tear.

Donut Shop owner Rena Tear saw the victim shortly before the shooting, and Michael Kauffman says he saw him the day before.

"He seemed really nice, a gentleman that's why when I saw his picture it was hard to believe it was the same guy," said Kauffman.

Delgado told Kauffman he was moving to New York, that his wife had just had a baby, and that he had handed his business over to family.

Action News also learned that Delgado went into a repair shop on Friday morning before the shooting to get his car inspected. He told the worker he needed to get it done because he was planning to go to New York.

Police say Delgado may have left the scene with another man, Jose Cuertes, but they do not believe he was involved in the shooting.

Delgado remains behind bars on $500,000 bail. He faces a list of felony charges.