Lawmakers unveil effort to cut Philadelphia gun violence

Philadelphia gun legislation news conference

April 4, 2013 2:28:44 PM PDT
There is a new, bipartisan effort to cut gun violence in the city of Philadelphia.

At a news conference on Thursday afternoon police, lawakers and district attorneys from the city and surrounding counties announced a bill to create mandatory minimums for illegally carrying firearms.

Right, now the crime is a misdemeanor. Under the proposal, carrying a gun illegally would mean at least two years in jail.

According to State Sen. Larry Farnese, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office is looking to "duplicate the success of a New York City law that calls for a mandatory three and a half year sentence for anyone convicted of illegally carrying a loaded firearm. Since enacted, violent crime in NYC has fallen significantly."

Farnese said, in the coming days, the proposed legislation will be assigned to the appropriate committees in the Pennsylvania Senate and House for review and discussion.