Dozens of home remedies right in your kitchen

May 17, 2013 9:29:48 PM PDT
There are dozens of home remedies you can find right in your kitchen that can help with problems like heartburn, gout and even allergies.

It is a little food for thought about using food for medicine.

More people are trying to live more naturally, so Action News asked an expert for easy ways to help heal the body with food.

Some remedies we've heard about for years, but there are some that may surprise you.

Medications have become a multi-billion-dollar business. Dr. Maria Mazzotti says she writes more prescriptions than she ever thought she would.

"I find that I am running out of a prescription pad in a day," said Dr. Mazzotti.

And all drugs come with side effects and possible interactions, but many times there are other options that can be found right in your kitchen.

Action News invited registered dietitian Theresa Shank from the Rittenhouse Women's Wellness Center and Einstein to show us which foods are good for what ailments.

Starting with fatty fish, like salmon. We know that it is good for the heart, but did you know it can help prevent migraines?

"It is going to help prevent inflammation in the body and inflammation causes stress and it turn could express itself as a migraine," said Shank.

She recommends working it into your diet three times a week.

How about heartburn?

There are dozens of drugs to help alleviate symptoms, but so can a summertime favorite, watermelon.

And speaking of summer, if you suffer from allergies, Shank says the algae known as Spirulina can help with symptoms.

"Anything green, whether it is spinach, broccoli, algae, it is going to detoxify the body," she said.

But she says it isn't a quick fix. It has to be eaten on a consistent basis.

Shanks says apple cider vinegar can help with gout.

"By just having two tablespoons in the morning, it helps reduce inflammation," she said.

And if you suffer a minor burn in the kitchen, Shank says rinse the area with cool water first. Then slice an onion and put it right on the burn.

It will help reduce swelling and prevent infection.

Another a common complaint is constipation.

We always hear about prunes and leafy greens, but Shank says berries are even better.

"Berries actually have more fiber," she said. "They have about four grams per serving." she said.

Shank also says the Vitamin C will helps move things along.

Overall it turns out the old saying 'you are what you eat' is true. Shank says what you put on the inside shows on the outside.

"It will show in your skin, your hair, your nails, your eyes, so just having optimum nutrition is the goal here," she said.

If you have a problem that is not getting better or is getting worse, you should call your healthcare provider.

These are some extra healing foods and natural remedies:

Ginger Root for nausea

Applesauce for diarrhea (but make sure to use unsweetened)

Lemon Juice for acne and age spots

Garlic for bacterial and viral infections

For bloating - eat watery produce like melon, cucumber and celery. It will help flush your system. Also try papaya, eating 1 cup several times of week, can help rejuvenate the gastrointestinal system.

Help control your moods by making sure to eat breakfast in the morning. The optimal breakfast includes a whole grain to supply glucose for your brain to run on, protein to satisfy hunger and keep your blood sugar levels steady and one or two antioxidant-rich fruits or vegetables.

Also stock up on selenium (Brazil nuts, tuna, eggs and turkey). Selenium is crucial for the production of thyroid hormones, which govern metabolism and mood.

Battle breakouts with onions and other sulfur-rich veggies, they tend to tamp down inflammation. Try adding chopped scallions to your salad or stirring diced onions into your salsa or stir-fry. Battle insomnia by drinking 8 ounces of juice made from tart Montmorency cherries (available in most grocery stores) one to two hours before bedtime.

Help ease sunburn with the following recipe:
3-4 in piece off an aloe vera plant, sliced in half
1 Tbsp coconut oil, in liquid form
1/2 ? 1 tsp raw honey or propolis

The amounts above will vary depending on how much you need to cover. This amount will cover the area that a tank top does not cover on your chest.

Rub aloe vera all over the burned area and let dry (30-90 sec), next take coconut oil and rub over burned area (over where the aloe was put). Next take the honey or propolis and rub into any areas that look more red or blistered. Then put an old tee shirt on and go to bed. Most if not all, will be absorbed by morning. Take a warm wash cloth and wipe off any sticky spots. For maintenance continue the process the next night. Do this process until the burn is either gone or doing much better.