2 men arrested, charged in connection with robberies targeting Latino-owned businesses

Authorities said the arrests were made possible through tips from the community.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Two men have been arrested in connection with more than a dozen armed robberies targeting Latino-owned businesses in Philadelphia's Hunting Park section.

Philadelphia police joined community leaders and Councilmember Maria Quinones-Sanchez in Feltonville to announce the arrests on Tuesday morning.

According to police, Omar White-Davis and Acia Moore were arrested on Thursday and have been charged in connection with 13 armed robberies at bodegas along Wyoming Avenue, a community made up of Hispanic businesses.

Police are looking for one more suspect.

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"The message is clear. If you do something on Wyoming Avenue in Hunting Park, we're going to find you. We're going to work with our police department and we're going to find you," said Quinones-Sanchez.

Police say after they learned of the crimes, officers increased their presence with foot patrols, bikes, and officers in tactical gear.

Detectives later learned that six more businesses had been robbed but it wasn't reported.

"The message needs to be put out to all of our communities in the city that our reaction is based on knowledge, on what we know that's occurring," said Captain Javier Rodriguez of the 25th police district.

Investigators say once neighbors started working with police, they were able to track down White-Davis and Moore.

Police are also encouraging more businesses to register with their "Safe Cam" program. They say the surveillance video in this case played a big role in solving the crime.
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