Neighbor reeling from East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania tragedy still living a 'nightmare'

It was revealed that all six family members were shot to death except for the youngest victim, who died from smoke inhalation.

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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Neighbor reeling from East Lansdowne tragedy still living 'nightmare'
Neighbor reeling from East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania tragedy still living a 'nightmare'

EAST LANSDOWNE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Residents in East Lansdowne, Delaware County are still dealing with the aftermath of a shooting and fire that left six people dead earlier this month.

The family that lives next door says their house has been deemed uninhabitable from smoke and fire damage.

Enesah Selby and her seven kids live on Lewis Avenue next to the home where a deadly shooting and fire erupted on February 7.

Investigators say 43-year-old Canh Le killed his brother's family in that incident.

Canh, as well as Canh's brother Xuong Le, Xuong's wife Britni McLaughlin-Le and their children, 17-year-old NaTayla, 11-year-old NaKayla and 10-year-old Xavier, all died inside the house.

"Every day, you see what's next door. Like a constant reminder," said Selby.

The lot next to her home, where the Le family house once stood, is now fenced off. There are candles, balloons, and pictures there as a memorial.

In Selby's home, broken windows, torn-up tiles, and piles of clothes are her living nightmare.

"As a parent, you cry in the shower, you cry in the tub, you cry in the car. You don't cry in front of your kids," she said. "I'm just watching everything burn. It was horrible."

She told Action News that she's crying for what she and her neighbors went through and lost when the Le family died.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that all six family members were shot to death except for the youngest victim, just 10 years old, who died from smoke inhalation.

The deadly incident happened when police were called to the home at 58 Lewis Avenue in Delaware County for reports of a child shot.

"Five of the six individuals I just mentioned died because of gunfire. The only one who was not killed by gunfire was the young boy, Xavier. He died of smoke inhalation," said Jack Stollsteimer, the Delaware County District Attorney.

Police say Canh Le got into an argument with his niece and it turned deadly when he grabbed a semi-automatic pistol.

"He used it to take his own life after risking a catastrophe for the entire community," said Stollsteimer.

East Lansdowne Police Officer John Meehan, 44, and Lansdowne Police Officer David Schiazza, 54, were shot during the incident.

Chopper video from the scene showed one officer being dragged away from the area after being injured.

Meehan and Schiazza have since been treated and released. Both officers have more than two decades with their respective departments.

Enesah Selby and her seven kids are still living a nightmare after a shooting and fire left her neighbors dead.

Selby is still living in that catastrophe. The fire spread to her home.

"It caught on the back end of the roof. It burned across the roof," she said. Her home flooded as a result of the efforts to contain the fire, leaving it a disaster.

She and her seven children now have to find a new place to live while her house is fixed, but the price is steep. Selby is pleading for help.

"This has turned into a complete nightmare for me, and it didn't even happen at my house," she said.

Friends of the Selby family have started a fundraiser to help them. They need to be relocated for at least six months and hope to stay together.