Fishtown welcomes vegan gelato spot, Float Dreamery

ByWendy Daughenbaugh WPVI logo
Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Float Dreamery is a new vegan gelato spot in Fishtown
Every Saturday Float Dreamery sells gelato from a side window at Castellino's Italian Market in Fishtown.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Every Saturday from noon-3 p.m., you'll find Jacob Livingston and his girlfriend, Erica Knauss, selling their Float Dreamery gelato from a side window at Castellino's Italian Market

Jacob makes all of the ice cream. Erica is a product designer and the maker of all of the gluten-free cookies, cakes and marshmallow fluffs that get mixed into the ice cream.

Together they have a simple goal.

"We've been trying to make the best gelato/ice cream in general," Jacob says, "and I think we've done it."

The standard base is coconut and oat milk, and they promise that it doesn't have that overtly coconut taste that is common in vegan ice creams.

For flavors, they like to take something familiar and twist it into something "a little bit more exciting."

"Birthday Cake we lit on fire," Erica says. "We were just like, why don't we torch the marshmallow fluff instead of frosting?"

There's also a Gator Rainbow flavor made with "six naturally occurring colors in the Gatorade spectrum." They sell by the pint and also make ice cream sandwiches, and they soon hope to offer soft serve and pints daily at Castellino's.

The couple met in Brooklyn but migrated to Fishtown during the pandemic, looking for a more affordable place to live and work.

And while they're focused on making the neighborhood happy for now, their dream is to sell Float Dreamery up and down the East Coast.

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1255 E Palmer Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125


Pickup Saturdays, noon-3pm at Castellino's Italian Market