South Jersey man donates free books on the streets of Camden, New Jersey

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Thursday, November 2, 2023
Meet the man donating free books on the streets of Camden
Bookworm Tom Martin hits the streets of Camden each week to help residents start a new chapter of their lives.

CAMDEN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- "Five years ago, I just took a bunch of books I collected from friends. I put them on a table much like today, and they just all disappeared," said Tom Martin. "And all of a sudden I was hooked."

Haddon Township native Martin decided to share his love of reading with neighboring communities through what is now called The Free Books Project. It is sustained by volunteers and donations.

The Free Books Project manifests weekly with Martin setting up a table on street corners in Camden, New Jersey It also has expanded to include dozens of 'Book Arks,' or little libraries where passersby can grab books for free 24-7.

Additionally, a free book store is hosted on Saturday mornings at The Newton Friends Meeting House at 808 Cooper Street in Camden.

"It's such a tough time that we live in when you read about what's going on," said Martin. "So, it puts my mind at ease that I'm doing a little something in my backyard."

To learn more about The Free Books Project, watch our video above and visit their Facebook page.

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