Police searching for four teens involved in vandalism of Havertown family's home

Police say no one can figure out why this house was targeted.

Saturday, October 23, 2021
Police searching for four teens after home vandalized in Havertown
Police are searching for the four teenagers who destroyed the front door of a family's home in Havertown.

HAVERTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Police are searching for several teenagers after the front door of a family's home in Havertown, Pa. was destroyed.

It happened around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 17. Three teens ran up to a home on Gilmore Road, while a fourth waited in a car.

The vandals kicked the front door and then threw a brick through it. The homeowner called 911.

"She heard banging on her front door, didn't get up right away, then she heard a large crash a few minutes later," said Haverford Police Chief John Viola. "Went out and looked, there was a brick thrown through her door."

Haverford Police Chief John Viola said the first question he has is why did those teens pick that house? He said the homeowner only has adult children.

"Did they go to the wrong house? Were they harassing someone that they thought they were targeting and ended up at the wrong house? Because, as the report said, the homeowner can't figure out what the connection would be," said Viola. "She said no problems with neighbors, no problem with kids and where they live is kind of off the beaten path."

Neighbors said they were shocked when they heard what happened.

"Wow that's crazy," said Jon Moss of Havertown. "We've lived here for over two years and we've never heard or seen anything like that, so we're glad everyone is ok and hopefully they can figure out who did it so it doesn't happen again."

"I was surprised," said Frank Doherty of Havertown. "That doesn't usually happen in this neighborhood. It's very quiet and it was a very strange event, very unusual."

Police say the teens were driving either a sedan or a hatchback and hope the public recognizes anyone involved.

"It's not fun, it's a violent thing," said Viola. "I mean, they're throwing bricks through windows. Why would anyone in their right mind want to do something like that and cause damage to someone's house just to have fun? That's not fun."

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Detective Matt Hufnal at 610-853-1298 x 1236.

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