Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month Visions, hosted by Walter Perez and Alyana Gomez

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Thursday, September 1, 2022
Rewatch 2022 6abc Visions Hispanic and Latin Heritage show
Walter Perez and Alyana Gomez highlight impactful contributions in the Hispanic and Latin American communities throughout the Philadelphia region.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Walter Perez and Alyana Gomez highlight impactful contributions in the Hispanic and Latin American community throughout the Philadelphia region on Visions.


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We speak to experts in the medical field about the challenges patients face when confronted with health issues compounded by a language barrier.

We meet the first woman to hold the office of United States District Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania and find out how her groundbreaking journey started with an immigrant story.

We ride along with the top cop in Camden County, the first Latino to hold that position. The kid from Camden who grew up in the projects is now changing the way police deal with crime in the community.

Plus, learn how imposter syndrome is affecting the Latina community and how a new project in Philadelphia is trying to add confidence at a young age.

We also meet an artist who grew up in Kensington as a street artist and now has works of art in the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Then, visit the Norris Square Neighborhood Project, where vacant spaces have been beautified with culturally relevant works of art.

And, we meet a father whose love for racing has inspired his entire family to get in the garage with him.

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