Graffiti artists makeover recycling company at annual festival

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Saturday, August 27, 2022
Graffiti artists makeover recycling company at annual festival
TerraCycle lends its headquarters as a canvas for graffiti artists to paint over and over again!

TRENTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- TerraCycle, a New Jersey-based recycling company, is known for its creative approach to reducing and reusing. That includes the walls of their very own headquarters, which they have lended to local artists as an ever-changing canvas over the years.

While artists can be spotted at the Trenton facility year-round, many come flocking to the annual Jersey Fresh Jam during the summer. Today's event marked the 17th iteration of the graffiti community's day-long festival.

"You know, it really helped the graffiti scene and the art scene here in Trenton get established because it gave us a place to bring people from New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC," said artist Leon Rainbow, the event's organizer. "Everything that they've been working on for the last year since the last Jersey Fresh, they're trying to put it together and do something awesome."

Rainbow became fascinated with graffiti while growing up in the 1980s and has since helped develop a colorful community of artists in Trenton. His event welcomes street artists, disc jockeys, breakers, and hip-hop fans to celebrate their shared interests.

Artist Robert Ortiz sees the event as a space for collaboration to rise over competitiveness.

"It's a lot different now than it was in the 80s, for me anyways," said Ortiz. "Now, I like to think that there's a lot more camaraderie with the graffiti community."

The booming music and glistening spray paint invites artists and guests to have fun and learn more about the recycling mission at the heart of the backdrop.

"The goal of TerraCycle is to eliminate the idea of waste," said Founder and CEO, Tom Szaky. "What we're known for is trying to collect and recycle those things that are hard to recycle, helping companies make their products from waste, and even shifting to reusable packaging."

To learn more about TerraCycle and their creative recycling programs, visit their website.

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