Teen creates 'Schmoopy's Beach Party' for summer fun at the shore

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Teen creates "Schmoopy's Beach Party" for summer fun at the shore
Every beach could use a "Schmoopy"! That's what kids call 18-year-old Ryan Orlov, who created a unique summer camp by the Jersey shore!

VENTNOR, New Jersey (WPVI) -- 18-year-old Ryan Orlov loves the beach. It's where his parents first met. Today, it's the backdrop to a summer-long camp that he created.

"I've always considered myself a leader," he said. "I like to be at the front of the crowd smiling and setting the expectations and setting the future."

Orlov says he was born to be an entrepreneur. He created his own technology business at 10 years old and used those skills to build a network of families looking to find summer activities for their children.

"With the pandemic, other day camps got canceled, so kids were looking for a place to have a great time," he said. "It took connections, clients and marketing, and now, we're rolling, kids are loving it and everyone's having a fantastic summer."

The teen from Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, is better known to friends and family as "Schmoopy." It's a nickname bestowed by his mother and inspired by the ABC sitcom, "The Goldbergs." That explains the name of Orlov's latest entrepreneurial venture, "Schmoopy's Beach Party."

Orlov leads children in games like flag football, dodgeball, spike ball, and wave riding. Located on the beach at New Haven Avenue in Ventnor, New Jersey, the beach party headquarters is marked with a large tent and activity directors dressed in unmistakable neon-green shirts.

"This camp has been an absolute lifesaver for Chase this summer," said Stacy Huttman about her son, who is a frequent participant at Schmoopy's Beach Party. "He doesn't know that many kids and he's at that in-between age where day camp isn't necessarily appropriate for him and yet, he doesn't want to leave to go to overnight camp."

Huttman says her 8th-grader comes home happy and eagerly awaits the next day at Schmoopy's.

"My son does not go in the ocean," she added. "Somehow, Ryan got Chase to go into the ocean this summer and he's been in every day since. So, as a mommy and as a parent, that in and of itself is worth its weight in gold."

Orlov says every kid's smile is worth the hard work. He is also proud to employ some of his close friends who are fellow graduates of the class of 2021.

"I feel like it's bigger than myself," he said. "I'm glad to be working with my best friends with the job I love. Everyone succeeds at the end of the day."

Orlov, who is from Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania, hopes to continue succeeding as a student at Tulane University in Louisiana. He will study entrepreneurship and communications with a minor in real estate.

With hard work, he plans to continue his summer camp for years to come. In the meantime, this year's program will run until August 7. To learn more about Schmoopy's Beach Party, visit their website.

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