Leta's Baking, Moon Flour Bake Shop highlight the rise in online bakeries

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Who needs brick and mortar? We take a look at online bakeries born during pandemic with two bakers building their brands on social media.

Zaneta Phean run's online bakery Leta's Baking.

She specializes in custom cakes, especially number and letter cakes, which are top trends. The self-taught baker adorns her creations with an assortment of treats, fresh fruits and goodies.

Zaneta is Thai, Laos, and Cambodian and says she shares her passion and culture through baking.

She combines Asian flavors with French inspired pastries, like a durian crumbrulee fruit tart and a durian puffed pastry.

Samantha Lam is the founder of an online bake shop she calls Moon Flour. She's Chinese and incorporates the moon into her name, which is a significant symbol in Chinese culture.

She started off selling what she calls Ube Crinkles. She also makes a chocolate chip cookie with ube.

But a bigger hit is the chocolate chip cookies that incorporate a black sesame flavor.

Her banana pudding in ube, matcha and pandan flavors is also a hit. She focuses on American favorites, but with an Asian twist.

Sam says she's always loved to bake and with each whisk she hopes to unite the community with her culturally inspired desserts.

Moon Flour Bake Shop | Instagram

Leta's Baking | Instagram
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