6 Minute Meal & Deal: Louie Louie's mushroom gnocchi

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Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Meal: Mushroom gnocchi from the executive chef of Louie Louie in University City

Mushroom Gnocchi:

1 teaspoon shallot, minced

1 teaspoon garlic, minced

Pinch thyme leaves

1 cup roasted mushrooms

Chef Tip: You can use raw mushrooms. Just cook an extra 30 seconds

1 cup blanched potato gnocchi

Chef Tip: You can buy the pasta blanched & ready to go at the grocery store

Chef tip: If you have fresh or homemade pasta, blanch for 4-5 minutes; you can cook the pasta ahead of time and have it in the refrigerator ready to use

1/2 cup chicken stock (*Optional)

3 tablespoons unsalted butter

Salt and pepper to taste.

3 tablespoons mushroom puree

Chef Tip: You can substitute any sauce you have laying around. Marinara, pesto, Alfredo; all with work.

Parsley & chives to taste

On medium heat, sauté shallot, garlic, thyme and 1 tablespoon butter.

Once butter begins to take on color, add gnocchi, allowing pasta to take on color as it cooks.

Add mushrooms.

Chef Tip: Cook on medium heat so you don't burn the shallots and garlic. If they start to get a little too brown, add chicken stock or water to stop the cooking process. The stock will also glaze the gnocchi.

As stock or liquid reduces, add remaining butter, reducing until it glazes the gnocchi and mushrooms.

Turn heat to high, to ensure dish is hot, and add parsley and chives.

Chef Tip: The parsley adds a nice fresh taste to the dish

Spoon mushroom puree onto plate and top with desired amount of mushrooms and gnocchi.

The Deal: A complimentary Crme Brulee - Madagascar vanilla bean, fresh berries with the purchase of an entrée if you tell your server you saw the segment on 6abc. Offer good Wednesday, January 15 and Thursday, January 16, 2020

Louie Louie

3611 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

(267) 805-8585