Help with stocking stuffers? 6 local artisans, all women-owned, crafting perfect size surprises

ByBethany Owings WPVI logo
Tuesday, December 21, 2021
6 local artisans, all women-owned, crafting perfect size surprises
Find some stocking stuffers at Maker Missya, Threet Ceramics and these other women-owned businesses.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Christmas morning is just a few days away so we decided to give Santa some help finding some stocking stuffers.

Santa's sleigh can stop by these six local artisans who all happen to be women-owned businesses born from the pandemic.

Maker Missya CEO Andrea Misja offers cement planters and home décor. You'll find items from a tiny Franklin Institute-inspired heart planter that's a tribute to health workers to an Aphrodite-inspired incense holder. And a fun David Bowie sculpture planter. The motto here a little bit of color and spice

Stefani Threet of Threet Ceramics and Ceramic Concept in West Philadelphia is featuring hand-built and painted ceramic earrings and holiday ornaments adorned with different designs. Threet is known for her special carvings and vibrant colors and has been making pottery for over 25 years.

Jacqueline Yanni, Founder of Veronica True Image Designs is showcasing handmade polymer clay earrings. The name stems from her grandmother, Veronica, who was dedicated to donating to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Jacqueline's constructing holiday-themed gift boxes called Secret Santa Boxes that contain three pairs of polymer clay earrings. To pay it forward, Jaqueline donates in her grandmother's image.

Alina Chavez went to school for Criminal Justice, but that was derailed when the pandemic hit. That's when she started Messin with Resin. The Christmas Collection includes a variety of earrings and hair clips, artsy book-marks and key chains. As much as Alina love resin, she says her heart is with the force.

Nina Fay has been making string art and macramé for about four years. Then, the pandemic happened and she officially launched Fay String Art. She's crafting mini macramé accessories like mini Macramé plant holders and Chapstick holders.

Sister business Anna and Mary Novak created Get Lit Candles. The pair hand-pour 100% soy wax candles in recycled vessels. Their holiday collection includes Mistletoe, which is a beer can candle that is upcycled compliments of local Dock Street brewery. There's also traditional tin can candles, one called Fraser Fir, and larger glass jar candles, one with seasonal favorite, Gingerbread.

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