2 arrested in Burlington County after violent chase injures 2 police officers, K9 dog

While exiting the driveway, officers say Ferraiolo struck a police vehicle that contained a police K9, Tango

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
New details released about suspects charged in Evesham Township crash
While exiting the driveway, officers say Marc Ferraiolo struck a police vehicle that contained a police K9, Tango

EVESHAM TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Several police officers and a K9 dog were injured on Sunday after a series of chaotic and violent encounters with a Burlington County driver.

Officials say at approximately 1 a.m. in Evesham Township, officers were on the scene of a motor vehicle collision when they observed a white Hyundai Genesis speeding down Taunton Lake Road.

They estimated the Hyundai was traveling about 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Officers say they radioed a description of the Hyundai to other officers in the area, and the car was located on Willowbend Road at the intersection of Evans Road.

When an officer attempted to initiate a motor vehicle stop, the driver failed to pull over and ran a red light, officials say.

Police officers recognized the car due to numerous recent contacts, and identified the suspect driver as 23-year-old Marc Ferraiolo.

Police say they were pursuing Ferraiolo, but stopped due to the risk posed to officers and the public.

County officials later issued an eluding warrant for Ferraiolo. Officers then responded to his residence to serve the warrant and take him into custody.

When officers arrived in the area, they saw Ferraiolo driving the same car and pulling into his driveway.

Officials say Ferraiolo's wife, 42-year-old Ruth Patton, exited the car while officers pulled up behind Ferraiolo, who remained in the vehicle.

Police told him to exit his car, which he allegedly refused to do.

Ferraiolo then drove forward and quickly reversed his vehicle, pulling out of the driveway at high speeds and nearly striking two officers, police say.

"He threw the car in reverse and reversed backward and maneuvered in the direction of two officers that were standing on the side of the road," said Chief Walter Miller with Evesham Township police.

While exiting the driveway, officers say Ferraiolo struck a police vehicle that contained a police K9, Tango. Reports say the collision appeared to be on purpose.

Then, Ferraiolo drove directly toward two officers, who evaded the car.

Officers at the scene say Ferraiolo continued to drive across neighboring lawns, and purposely rammed his Hyundai into the K9 vehicle with maximum force three more times before attempting to flee.

While fleeing the scene, Ferraiolo struck another patrol car before speeding down Marlborough Avenue.

Officials say this final collision caused Ferraiolo's car to become disabled, at which point officers approached the car and found Ferraiolo still inside.

Police broke Ferraiolo's window and removed him from the Hyundai.

During this encounter, police say Patton interfered with police actions and told the officers she would kill them. She was arrested at the scene.

Ferraiolo was provided medical attention at the scene and was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Officials say several officers sustained non-life-threatening injuries during the incident and were treated at the scene.

"They were grateful that they were able to not be struck because it was a close call," said Chief Miller.

Tango is undergoing veterinarian care due to being in the K9 vehicle during four significant crashes, police say.

Ferraiolo has been charged with two counts of attempted murder of a police officer in the first degree, two counts of aggravated assault on police in the third degree, two counts of eluding in the third degree, four counts of criminal mischief in the fourth degree, and injuring a police canine in the fourth degree.

Patton was charged with terroristic threats in the third degree and obstruction of justice in the fourth degree.

Both suspects have been lodged in Burlington County jail.

On Monday, Ferraiolo appeared in Burlington Superior Court while township workers and police worked at his home removing truckloads of fertilizer and potting soil from inside.

Police say Ferraiolo's mother also lives at the home and requested the items removed, along with spotlights and cameras that were installed on the front of the home.

"He has a lot of those lighting pointing into neighbors' homes. So we're out here trying to mitigate those issues with the lighting today," said Chief Miller.

"The lights were constantly coming on all night long as soon as a car would go by," said Otterstein.

Police say despite issuing ordinance violations and charges, the couple continued to cause problems.

"There's been ordinances issued, there's been criminal violations issued for a host of things. A lot of them are pending court. So the court has to adjudicate those matters. People have rights under the law," said Chief Miller, "and we can't just impose our will against the constitution. So we've been trying to balance the two."

Both suspects are still behind bars and are scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

Neighbors in Evesham Township say the entire situation wasn't a surprise.

"We've been warning everyone this is going to end badly and here it is ending badly, he is going to kill those cops," said Kate Stiles from Evesham Township.

Residents in the area told Action News on and off camera that Ferraiolo and Patton have become increasingly dangerous over the last year.

They say police have responded to multiple calls at the couple's home.

"We are always on edge. Yes, I'm afraid to come home. I stop at the top of the street to check my cameras to see if they're outside," said Stiles.

According to police, there will be a community meeting on Monday in Evesham's local park to discuss the issues stemming from the suspects' behavior.

The meeting was even scheduled before the incident that took place Sunday.