Delaware student authors channel challenges into short stories

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Thursday, June 2, 2022
Delaware student authors channel challenges into short stories
High school students in Newark, Delaware, are tackling life's difficult moments with a pen and paper in hand.

NEWARK, Delaware (WPVI) -- "What I always wanted to be is someone to these girls that I needed when I was much younger," said Roniesha Seaton.

Seaton became a mother at the age of 13 and suffered from domestic abuse at 15. The challenges she faced during her teenage years left a lasting impression, but did not keep her silent.

"When I first decided to come out and tell my story, I put it into a publication," she said. "And I turned my book into a curriculum."

Seaton founded the "I Am" organization and its principles are bearing fruit at Newark High School. There, she is the program developer and facilitator of the Readers & Writers Literacy Book Club. And her students have spent months learning to become authors.

The book she helped the students write is called, "Let E Go," with the subtitle, "The Power to Remove Pride and Ego."

17-year-old Stephaneja Johnson was one of the contributors.

"My story is about, basically, my 10th grade year, my parents separated. That summer my father passed away, and then right after that, I got pregnant," said Johnson. "So, that's how my life changed. That's how I became who I am today."

Johnson looks to her child as a blessing and has changed her perspective on otherwise challenging circumstances.

It's a priceless feeling for Seaton to see the students grow.

"They're not just students anymore. They're not just troubled teens," she said. "They are now authors. So, the possibilities are endless for them at this moment."

The book, "Let E Go," was sold exclusively in-person at today's event. Anyone interested in acquiring a copy can contact Roniesha Seaton at

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