HEALED - The Latest On Exercise and the Fight Against Cancer

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Thursday, October 28, 2021
HEALED - New Research - Better Cancer Fights
New research and science and how new practices can be implemented to help strengthen our fight against cancer.

Pat Croce's weekly American Cancer Society Healed Gathering.

This Gathering is a reminder that new research and science are continually being developed and how new practices can be implemented to help strengthen our fight against cancer, both in terms of physical, mental, and emotional well being.

Our first guest is Dr. Nicole L. Stout, a renowned health care researcher, consultant, educator, and advocate. She is a research assistant professor in the School of Medicine, Department of Hematology/Oncology at West Virginia University Cancer Institute, and the Associate Director of the Survivorship Program.

Dr. Stout directly sees the benefit of health and exercise as part of the oncology treatment plan. She reflects that early in her career, there weren't a lot of guidelines or knowledge around what type of exercise was safe for cancer patients in active treatment. Over her career, continual emerging research supported the benefits of exercise, especially as it relates to lymphedema.

Next, we meet Tobi Goldberg Maguire, a breast cancer survivor, Contra dancer, Dragon Boat racer, and Reiki Master. Dr. Stout treated Tobi for her truncal lymphedema she developed as a result of her breast cancer surgery. Tobi shares her story and how Dr. Stout was able to help her diminish the effects of her lymphedema and gain the strength to continue her active life.

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