Philly high school student publishes photography book about teens in the city

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Philly high school student publishes photography book about teens
18-year-old Laila Holmes captured life as a teenager in Philadelphia through her own unique lens.

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Before Laila Holmes went off to college, she wanted to photograph and preserve the experience of being a teenager in Philadelphia.

The senior at Philadelphia High School For Creative & Performing Arts published her work in a book titled, 'Etherness.'

"It's called Etherness, which is the wistful feeling of looking around at a gathering of loved ones and knowing that, although it feels warm and like fun right now, it won't always be like this," said Holmes.

Each page acts like a time capsule capturing her friends at the park, on the subway, and in other casual environments.

In the future, Holmes wants to pursue photography in college and work in the fashion and film industries.

Watch the video above to hear Laila Holmes' story in her own words.

To learn more about her work and her book, visit her website.

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