Overheard with Ajay Raju and Rebecca Rhynhart - Part 2

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Overheard with Ajay Raju and Rebecca Rhynhart - Part 2
Part 2 of Ajay's conversation with democratic mayoral candidate Rebecca Rhynhart

Have you been interested in hearing what the candidates for mayor have to say about Philadelphia, when they have plenty of time to share their thoughts?

Ajay Raju continues his series Overheard with several of the candidates for long, in depth conversations. You can listen in to the whole chat, or jump to these highlights:

0:15 - 4:36 What are we as a city? Are we a dive bar, fancy restaurant, library, church? "We're all of that. That's what makes Philly amazing." Programs to clean the streets.

5:23 - 9:40 The city's budget's increased by $1.5 billion over the last six years, and the services are worse. So there's definite room to spend money differently. Grow the economy. Lower wage tax. Ease problems of small businesses. Tax reform?

9:41 - 13:36 What is Philadelphia's potato? What has Philadelphia done recently that Rebecca can promote and sell? Life sciences industry.

15:19 - 17:24 How would people describe Rebecca? Top two traits? Weak points?

18:00 - 21:36 What is Rebecca's daily routine? Down time to reflect? How does Rebecca run a meeting? Getting feedback from all layers of the organization.

21:37 - 23:56 If mayor, top 5 players in Rebecca's organization?

24:06 - 27:26 Projected first 100-day accomplishments? Projected top accomplishments of first term? Rapid fire questions.

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