Overheard with Ajay Raju and Jeff Brown - Part 1

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Overheard with Ajay Raju and Jeff Brown - Part 1
Part 1 of Ajay's conversation with democratic mayoral candidate Jeff Brown.

Have you been interested in hearing what the candidates for mayor have to say about Philadelphia, when they have plenty of time to share their thoughts?

Ajay Raju continues his series Overheard with several of the candidates for long, in depth conversations. You can listen in to the whole chat, or jump to these highlights:

0 - 11:00 Who is Jeff Brown? Immigrant roots; Entrepreneur; Grocer serving 25% of population--mostly in underserved neighborhoods.

11:00 - 24:50 Why is Jeff Brown running for Mayor? "Our systems designed to help people are failing us and that has led to hopelessness."

25:00 - 32:00 What will Jeff prioritize as a Mayor? Violence intervention and prevention; Laying out a Bold Vision; Address poverty.

35:00 - 43:20 Jeff's description of Philadelphia--opportunities and challenges. If Idaho has potatoes, what is Philadelphia's potato?

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