Traditional Indian saris get new life as clothing and more at Samsara Sari

ByNatalie Jason WPVI logo
Thursday, May 12, 2022
Samsara Sari gives old saris new life as pillows, dresses, more
Samsara Sari repurposes old saris as a way to celebrate the beauty of the traditional Indian attire.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The exotic, colorful saris of India are being transformed into new items by Samsara Sari founder-designer Namita Reddy.

The locally-based brand is the brainchild of an architect of Indian heritage who wanted to find a way to keep closets full of saris from ending up in landfills.

Reddy receives donated saris, then repurposes them using her designs for things like pillows, dresses, scrunchies, and tutu skirts for girls.

She says it's a way for her to "celebrate the beauty of the sari, and the beauty of India because it has a very rich culture and history".

In Sanskrit, the word 'samsara' translates to 'cycle of rebirth' - the perfect description of Reddy's use of the pre-loved saris, so steeped in the traditions of Indian culture.

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