Skunk stuck in peanut butter jar spotted in Montgomery County

The skunk is fine and ran off after being freed.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A skunk aimlessly roaming around a front yard in Willow Grove Montgomery County caught neighbors by surprise as it was stuck with a jar on its head.

Christy Chacón says she spotted it while getting her girls ready for school.

"We went out to look at it, and it's just spinning in circles, and I'm telling her, 'I don't know what to do, we have to call animal control,'" she said.

Chacón says at first the skunk was just in her backyard, then minutes later she noticed it doing donuts into her neighbor's yard, then down the driveway and then back onto per property.

This time, it was in the front yard.

Chacón's neighborhood says she watched the skunk try to free itself from the jar.

She documented the wild encounter on-camera as Upper Moreland police showed up to help the animal.

Minutes later, the skunk was free.

"This is what skunks get when they have a night of debauchery, going through the neighborhood trash can. You get your head stuck in a peanut butter jar," said Jose Chacón.

The skunk is fine and ran off after being freed.

And now the neighbors have videos they can laugh at about the bizarre situation.

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