Moms help moms-to-be at South Jersey community expo

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Saturday, April 15, 2023
Moms help moms-to-be at South Jersey community expo
The South Jersey Mom and Baby Expo hosted groups like "Three Little Birds," which helps families navigate pregnancy and infant loss.

PITMAN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Today, the South Jersey Mom and Baby Expo kicked off its first event of this size at the Total Turf Experience Sports Complex.

There, vendors across the region set up shop and greeted expectant mothers, explaining how they can aid them before, during, and after childbirth.

One of those organizations is known as "Three Little Birds," but their flock is strong and they're ready to help moms navigate the lows and highs of pregnancy and childbirth.

"Back in 2014, my husband and I were excited to find that we were expecting our first baby," said its co-founder Kristen Samuelson. "And at 27 and a half weeks, we were told that our daughter would be stillborn and there was no heartbeat."

Samuelson, who also experienced an 11-week misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, would go on to create Three Little Birds Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support. They provide both immediate and long term support to families through peer-assisted programs and services.

In addition to appearing at the event to greet guests and sell products, Three Little Birds was tapped as the recipient of 10% of profits from the South Jersey Mom and Baby Expo.

The one-day event was coordinated by Glenda Barachko, owner of Wonder Time Elective and Diagnostic Ultrasound. More than 1,700 tickets were sold. Vendors ranged from lactation and perinatal care to photography, event planning, doulas and more.

"We're going to be back doing this again in the fall and then next year, spring and fall," said Barachko. "That's our plan to continue on."

To learn more about future programs, visit the Wonder Time website or the event Facebook page.

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