Overheard at Tredici with John Fazio

Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Overheard at Tredici with John Fazio
Ajay Raju is joined by John Fazio for Overheard at Tredici

Tredici -- John Fazio is the visionary founder of burgeoning local tech powerhouses Jarvus and N3RD Street Gamers, leading Philadelphia's foray into the multi-billion dollar (and growing) eSports industry, but make no mistake, his ambitions go far beyond video games.

In this encounter, John and Ajay talk about solving the problems of global inequality and scarcity by slipping the surly bonds of earth with accessible space travel. Bringing the conversation back to terra firma, John also shares his thoughts on the mixed blessings of privilege, the travails of being the boss, the mysteries of marriage, and why trying to emulate Silicon Valley is the last thing Philly's nascent tech sector needs.

Want to skip around? Here's what you need to watch:

2:01 - What are the next 5 years going to be like for John?

2:39 - Why are eSports a big deal?

4:37 - John and Ajay take a broad look at Philadelphia's tech scene.

5:39 - John explains how Philly's tech scene reflects Philly as a whole.

6:21 - Philadelphia is not and won't be Silicon Valley - and that's a good thing.

7:05 - What should your first thought be for your start-up? It doesn't have to be capital.

8:08 - John explains why he is an optimist.

9:17 -How will humans compete and prosper when head to head with computers and AI?

10:53 - John, a devout capitalist, describes the shameful side of capitalism.

13:44 - What John always says differentiates him from others.

15:41 - Why John says looking to move into space is essential to humanity, and his fast-paced timeline.

19:28 - Moon bases or autonomous cars: Which will come first?

22:30 - John on parents, kids, and video games.

23:00 - How John met his wife, and what that story says about him as a person.

25:24 - Is John a cutthroat leader? Maybe it depends on who he's leading.

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