Philly couple turns would-be-waste into pet treats

Thursday, October 17, 2019
Philly couple turns would-be-waste into pet treats
These pet treats help the community and the earth by recycling from local farms and other businesses. Community Journalist Matteo reports.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- This couple is turning trash into treasure.

A long-time chef, Jennifer Kirby noticed the amount of human-grade byproducts discarded in the food industry. Whether it is from a local restaurant or a small family farm, she says "food lost is money lost."

That's why she created Piggyback Treats Company, which fittingly "piggybacks" with local businesses to turn their would-be-waste into pet treats.

Salmon skins, beef heart, beer grains, and even pig's feet are now being tossed into their lap instead of the trash.

They fuse sustainability with creativity all while working in their home. It has taken a toll on their personal space, but they remain committed to their mission.

Every autumn, they invite friends and volunteers to take a trip to a pumpkin patch and salvage the leftover harvest. This saves resources and spares the cost for a farm to dispose of the waste on its own.

Jennifer and her sister's dogs, Darwin and Candy, pose as the mascots for the business. Their signature "Piggyback" trick came as a result of their lifetime of friendship.

To learn more about Piggyback Treats, visit their website.

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