Floating yoga makes you one with the waves, supports water conservation

Sunday, August 25, 2019
Floating yoga at Penn's Landing
It's all yoga with no land and it's helping connect Philadelphians to the water. Community Journalist Matteo reports.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- It has all the meditation and tranquility of yoga without the stable land beneath your feet!

Floating yoga, also known as stand up paddle board yoga, adds the extra hurdle of instability and balance to an already challenging practice.

Locals who tried it for the first time say it was challenging but fun.

It is a program by Aqua Vida, an association dedicated to promulgating a clean water lifestyle in Philadelphia.

Its founder, Jana Mars, is using her yoga and stand up paddle board classes to make Philadelphians aware of safe ways to recreate in the water around the city. They practice alongside the pier at Penn's Landing directly across the way from Spruce Street Harbor Park.

To learn more about this initiative, visit their site.