Pro-Palestinian protests sweep university campuses in Pennsylvania, nationwide

ByMaggie Fitzgerald WPVI logo
Saturday, May 4, 2024
Pro-Palestinian protests sweep university campuses
Pro-Palestinian protests sweep university campuses

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Host Matt O'Donnell and the Panelists discuss the ongoing Pro-Palestinian protests that have swept across college campuses nationwide. As tensions grow at universities like Columbia, UCLA, and locally here at University of Pennsylvania, the panelists evaluate the political divide over the war in Gaza and talk about the response from university leadership and local politicians.

Also, the panelists respond to a Forbes study that explores an increased trend in employers that are "souring" on Ivy League grads to instead seek out new talent from public and state universities who are developing "smart, driven graduates."

The panelists transition to Pennsylvania Primary results and narrow in on Erin McClelland's victory over the democratic-backed challenger Ryan Bizzarro for the PA Treasurer race, Sean Dougherty's win over seven-term incumbent State Rep. Kevin Boyle, and PA State Rep. Amen Brown's narrow win in the PA House 10th District race.

And a Monmouth poll shares that 1 in 6 voters hold unfavorable views of both presumptive nominees for the Presidential Election.

Get the Inside Story with panelists Dom Giordano, Christine Flowers, Neil Oxman, and Ajay Raju.