Kids across Pennsylvania enjoy snow day; crews work to clear roads ahead of bitter cold

Saturday, January 20, 2024
Snow blankets Pennsylvania as kids enjoy snow day
Kids across Pennsylvania enjoy snow day; crews work to clear roads ahead of bitter cold

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Snow began moving out of the area on Friday evening, but for a second time this week, some kids in Pennsylvania enjoyed a snow day.

"I enjoyed the snow day a lot. I like sledding with my friends," said Harper Risk, of Wayne, Pa.

As the snow blanketed Odorisio Park, families came out with their snow gear and sleds.

"I used to live in Texas, so it like never snowed there so it's fun to see it," said Ellie Kim.

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It was quiet in downtown Media except for spots like Little Anthony's, where they were slammed with take-out and delivery.

In nearby Montgomery County, officials say it's all hands on deck to tackle this winter weather.

"We're in good hands with the teams out there making sure the roads stay clear," said Jesse King, Director of Assets & Infrastructure.

As they work, some are out trying to navigate the roads.

In Upper Merion Township, crews will plow almost 400 streets. Officials said the priority is to clear the primary roads, including the bus routes.

Snow blankets Bucks County during winter storm

Plow trucks also worked quickly to clear the streets in Bucks County, but officials are still urging drivers to take things slow.

"We recommend if they can keep a safe distance between themselves and the car in front of them that's a wise move to make," said Audrey Kenny, Director of Emergency Services.

Crews will be plowing and salting on a frequent basis to stay ahead of the freezing as temperatures drop overnight into the weekend.