Chad Pradelli
CHAD PRADELLI is an Investigative Reporter, whose wide knowledge of various issues has led him to cover some of the most memorable stories for Action News. In 2004, Chad covered the impact of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. He also reported on the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the Jerry Sandusky trial, and has broken numerous stories in the Philadelphia market.

Chad joined Action News in 2004 from KFSN in Fresno. There, he was the Consumer Investigator/Fill-in Anchor. Prior to joining the ABC family, Chad worked in Palm Springs as a Weekend Weather Anchor/Reporter.

Chad holds a Master's Degree from the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Regis University in Denver where he was captain of the baseball team.

Chad is happy to be back in Pennsylvania. He was born in Pittsburgh, and enjoys calling the Delaware Valley home. He lives in Merion Golf Manor with his wife, son and daughter. In his spare time, Chad enjoys golf, football and politics.

Chad's Stories
South Jersey non-profit providing warm meals to those in need this Thanksgiving
Volunteers at the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden, New Jersey handed out Thanksgiving meals Thursday afternoon, helping the hungry, homeless and those struggling in life.
Cybercriminals demanding $500,000 after hacking Delaware County computer network: Sources
Cybercriminals have attacked the Delaware County, Pennsylvania government network and taken it hostage. The criminals are demanding $500,000 to free it up.
Action News Investigation: Pandemic puppy scams on the rise: Here's what you should know
ACTION NEWS INVESTIGATION: The Better Business Bureau is warning that puppy scams have skyrocketed during the pandemic.
Daughter, son share heartbreaking story of father's loss as COVID deaths skyrocket
Joe Spina of Manchester, Ocean County is among the more than 250,000 Americans killed by the coronavirus. He died on March 31 when the pandemic was still in its infancy.
Experts say voter fraud in Pennsylvania is extremely rare, here's why
President Trump has vowed to sue Pennsylvania in federal court, claiming that there was voter fraud here in Philadelphia and in Pittsburgh.
Election 2020: Here's the status of Philadelphia USPS sweep
On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered a sweep of U.S. Postal Processing Centers to make sure there were no errant ballots not being delivered.
Police training and tactics under scrutiny after Walter Wallace Jr. shooting
A law enforcement expert weighs in on the tactics used by officers and the need to train more officers to use tasers in tense encounters.
Action News Investigation: Who was Walter Wallace Jr., the man shot by Philadelphia police?
We are learning more about Walter Wallace Jr., the man who was shot by Philadelphia police on Monday, and protesters who clashed with officers in the wake of the shooting.
Election 2020: Older voters could make the difference in Pennsylvania
Election 2020: Though much of the focus this election has been on minority and young voters, there is one demographic who consistently shows up to the polls: the older voter.
Excitement building for first-time voters in Pennsylvania
ELECTION 2020: With election day just two weeks away, the excitement is building among many younger voters, especially those who are casting ballots for the first time.