Matt O'Donnell
Matt O'Donnell is the co-anchor of Action News Mornings, co-host of the Sunday political show Inside Story and host and producer of the True Philadelphia Podcast. He was hired as a general assignment reporter for Action News in December of 1996, achieving a career dream to work at the station he grew up watching.

Matt has stepped into just about every community in the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys in his many years of street reporting, plus tackled assignments that took him across the country and around the world: California, Brazil, Nevada, England. He also headed into the skies in a life-changing flight with the Blue Angels. He has covered three political conventions (St. Paul and two in Philadelphia), interviewed two presidents (President Obama and President Trump) and covered countless pivotal stories that have shaped our region over the last two decades.

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Matt talks about his life's journey to Action News

Beginning his career in upstate New York just days after graduating from the University of Delaware, Matt served as a do-it-yourself news reporter at WICZ-TV in Binghamton covering local news and politics - including the 1994 New York governor's race where he interviewed George Pataki, the eventual winner, twice. His next move brought him to WSTM-TV in Syracuse, New York where he tracked down an accused murderer for an exclusive interview, visited a community that saw 300+ inches of snowfall in one season and provided daily coverage of a gruesome series of deaths that one day became the basis of the cable series "Village of the Damned."

Matt's big break was when he was called back to Philadelphia to join the Action News team, a place he has worked at proudly ever since.

He joined the Air Force National Guard on a trip to England shortly after 9/11. He flew supersonic with a member of the Blue Angels over Atlantic City. He lived in the Brazilian rain forest for four days with experts from the Philadelphia Zoo to help protect the golden lion tamarin. He interviewed Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump when their presidential campaigns brought them to the region. He spent two days along the Jersey Shore awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene, which nearly became the first hurricane to hit New Jersey in more than 100 years. He has greeted Kevin Bacon, Morgan Freeman, Naomi Judd and James Brown during their visits to town. He has joined the Eagles on a playoff run, he was there for the Eagles and Phillies championship parades. He has visited nearly every town in the region, covering the triumphs, tragedies, highs and lows of Action News viewers throughout the years.

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Matt talks about the most important part of the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys - the people.

Matt joins Tamala Edwards, David Murphy and Karen Rogers every weekday morning from 4-7am to help the sleepyheads of the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys wake up, a news anchor position he has held since 2004. Matt and Tam also alternate as host of Inside Story where they engage panelists to debate the important issues we face and challenge newsmakers who make the decisions.

The True Philadelphia Podcast is Matt's most recent project where he sits down with the people who help mold the ongoing conversation on what is great about the Philadelphia area: Jay Wright, Madeline Bell, Larry Krasner, the original Phillie Phanatic David Raymond, Elena Delle Donne, Preston Elliot, Sharon Pinkenson, Tom Wolf, Charlie Dent. The podcast can be streamed on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and YouTube.

Matt lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife, two children and dog Bailey. He plays drums in a local rock band and competes in a number of local golf tournaments. Matt still hopes to be the first reporter to do a live shot from Mars.

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Matt answers some not-so-tough questions.

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