At Home With Adam - A Fun Family Photo Wall

Adam's House (WPVI) -- One thing about being quarantined, the creative juices flow faster.

Yup, I love to spend time in the kitchen and gardens, but I also love to dabble in home décor too.

Believe me, I am FAR from a pro and I can't claim to know what furniture should go where, but finding a wall to hang family photos is super simple.

When you walk into a home, it should scream LOVE the minute you open the door. One way of showcasing this is with family photos. If not near a door you frequently use, look for a room you tend to see each day.

We recently had our mud and laundry room gutted and rebuilt. It had not been touched in 36 years and needed a makeover. After the construction was finished, it was time for the personal touches. There is only one wall to highlight, a very long wall, with a small space above wainscoting to fill. This wall immediately grabs your attention when you open the door, so it had to create the statement of love. It did not take me long to figure out what I wanted.

I wanted three 8x10 photos equally spaced apart from one another. I wanted black and white frames (black frame and large white matte) and black and white pictures.

In a room with gray walls, charcoal colored floors, white cabinets, and black hardware/appliances, I thought color pictures would not pop. The black and white photos are timeless, classy, and eye catching.

As for the photos, I took them all in the yard. I wanted them personal and fun. I also thought about the room I wanted to highlight and how the photos would fit in that space. I had the kids hold jackets, put on shoes, run with a scarf. For the family picture, we got in pajamas, pulled out the laundry baskets, grabbed dirty clothes, and threw them in the air.

The shoots were far from professional, but our cell phone cameras did a great job.

It is all about having fun and capturing that "real" moment.

  • Find the right wall to highlight family photos

  • Measure the wall to find out the size of the photos and frames you need. You can use large photos and frames, or lots of smaller ones and create a pattern on the wall.

  • I love frames with large matte inside (the white part around the photo)

  • HAVE FUN! Don't make this a chore for the kiddos (small or big). Capture it all and think outside the box. These are not your typical cheese pictures.

  • No need to shop in stores for frames or photo prints. You can do all that online. You just need to figure out the photo size first and then the frame that will fit it.

  • There are so many options online to upload your photos from the camera to have them printed and sent to your home.

  • You will need a tripod or something to prop your camera on. I used the selfie mode and a timer so I could see the countdown for the family picture.

  • When hanging the pictures, measure twice to make sure they are evenly spaced. Start in the middle and work out to the sides.

  • Try to use the live focus (Android) or portrait mode (iPhone) for pictures. The blurry background creates a professional look.

  • You can see more of what I have been doing to stay healthy and happy at my Facebook page. or here on the At Home With Adam webpage.
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