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Friday, June 12, 2020
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Adam's House (WPVI) -- I am staying at home, just like everyone else. On Action News, I'm delivering the AccuWeather forecast from my living room, and when I'm not working on the forecast, I am keeping busy with my kids, working on a variety of projects. We're cooking, we're building, we're experimenting - and I want to share some of those projects with you, to help you stay active and entertained in your home.

How about a great summer treat that will cool you off? Try these frozen fruit rainbow pops!

I have THREE magic words that will always help you create the best planters.

Get the smell and feel of fall with these great homemade candles.

Celebrate anything with this color explosion - a rainbow birthday cake!

Check out this great pizza crust - it's made with cauliflower!

My garden is full of beautiful perennials. Here are my favorites!

Personalize your garden with colorful homemade signs and painted rocks.

Jazz up your breakfast with this eggscellent recipe for Baked Avocados.

This guacamole recipe is perfect for Cinco De Mayo - or any other day you want a delicious snack!

You don't need my forecast when you can make your own barometer at home (fun with the kids!)

This is an end of day drink for the adults and the kids, with just a few differences

Here is how I designed the Fun Family Photo Wall in our house.

Make my decadent Molten Lava cake in your own kitchen!

I've been doing a lot of planks - here are my tips.

Here is my Easter Sugar Cookie recipe.

Check out my instructions to build your own raised garden bed.

Can you make a mask out of an old sock?

How to bake Adam's Apple Delight.