Officials release Philadelphia emergency plans

April 4, 2008 4:05:41 PM PDT
The City of Philadelphia has unveiled its massive emergency evacuation plan should disaster strike. Mayor Nutter and other public officials focused on the subject matter of what to do if tragedy strikes Philadelphia - be it natural or be it man made - and how to move people to safety.

If something went terribly wrong in Philadelphia, on a large scale, in a high-rise, the subway, or at a chemical plant. Imagine if you needed to be evacuated along with tens of thousands of others from some part of the city.

What's the plan? How do you move people to safety?

For decades, Philadelphia had no comprehensive plan. But after the 2005 Hurricane Katrina debacle in New Orleans, officials in Philadelphia have been working on one.

The city unveiled today maps and evacuation routes. Regional officials also unveiled today a new state-wide plan to text message alerts to people during an emergency.

Both the evacuation routes of the city and the high-rise evacuation plan can be view in the media carousel at the top of your screen.