After months of training, it's time for Broad Street Run

April 30, 2010 3:48:08 PM PDT
The Blue Cross Broad Street Run is this Sunday.

Some 30,000 people will lace up their sneakers on Sunday for the Blue Cross Broad Street Run. Some are seasoned runners while, for others, it will be their first race ever.

This week Team Philly had its final group training session. The runners are a little nervous for Sunday, but they've come a long way.

Each has a reason for participating.

"My friends were all telling me - you're so lazy, you're never going to do anything," said Dr. Mariam Yousef of Center City.

"I'd played sports in high school and, since then, had perfected not going to the gym," said Michael Shapiro of Center City.

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After hearing about Team Philly's beginners program, they decided to give it a try.

Since late February, they've been meeting a few times a week for conditioning and group runs.

Alicia Myland joined because she wanted to get back into shape after having daughter Aniyah.

"I just thought it would be good to get healthy for her, so I can keep up with her," said Alicia Myland of Upper Darby.

Rachel Neish of Fishtown wanted to cap off another personal achievement.

"I've lost over 120 pounds, and I'm doing this for the first time - doing something I never thought I'd be able to do," she said.

The Team Philly beginner's program trains first-timers step-by-step-teaching flexibility, strength, and proper techniques for the race, which is 10 miles. It runs from the top of Broad Street to the former Navy Yard.


There will be summer-like temperatures this weekend for the run. So, here are some tips to keep yourself safe and healthy:

*Start hydrating now- make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids including ones with electrolytes such as sports drinks, orange juice or V8.
*If you do not have a health condition where you must restict sodium,eat eat foods with salt such as hard pretzels.
*On the day of the race , Joe Norton of the Haddonfield Running Company says wake up a few hours before the race, do your usual pre-run routine but also start hydrating with water and drinks with eletrolytes.
*Use salt- sprinkle some in oatmeal or have hard pretzels.
*During run, take small sips at each water station - do not wait to get thirsty.
*Don't start out too fast race day.
*Expect to run about 15 to 20 seconds per mile slower.
*Pour water over your head at water stations.

*Also, wear Light colored clothes that are breathable. *Sunscreen is a must.

Know when you're having problems with the heat and seek treatment if this occurs. Some signs and symptoms are: Difficulty breathing
Inability to sweat
Excessive fatigue