Flyers' Talbot and Gervais: Best friends on and off ice

January 21, 2013 3:57:50 PM PST
Even when Flyers players Max Talbot and Bruno Gervais are not at practice they're together.

Playing hockey or just goofing around.

And why not? Talbot and Gervais have been best friends for 17 years ever since they played on the same youth hockey team together in suburban Montreal when they were 11.

They've been inseparable since.

They hang out almost every day. They've lived together, work together, and they run a charity together.

Max was even Bruno's groomsman in his wedding this summer.

In their single days, Talbot says Gervais had the skills when it came to the ladies.

"He's got the looks. He can talk. He can sell an Eskimo ice," Talbot said.

Well, sometimes the goofing around has gone too far.

The two recall a fight they got into years ago.

"Sometimes emotions get out, but after, we hug it out," Talbot said.

Boys will be boys and we found that out firsthand as we hung out with the two and watched them play a competitive game of table hockey.

Their completive side is about to really heat up.

That's because one thing Talbot and Gervais haven't done together is win the Stanley Cup and that's next on their list.