Dr. David Fajgenbaum and Ajay Raju - Overheard Part II

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Tredici (WPVI) -- In Part I, we opened with the question: What is your relationship with death?"

Ajay's conversation with David Fajgenbaum continues.

When he was 25, David Fajgenbaum, almost died - for the first time - and it wasn't the last.

The third-year medical student at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School received a deadly diagnosis, something called Castleman Disease.

The diagnosis was also a challenge, and as David survived that and three subsequent diagnoses, the disease and a cure became his life's work.

In Part II of this conversation, Ajay wonders if David is a super hero - and whether the deadly disease was, in a way, a gift that led David down an amazing path.

Want to skip around? Check out these highlights:

2:20 - When are we going to reach "the answers" about genetics and disease?

7:35 - Religion? Spirituality? What drives David?

9:33 - Superhero or mere human with ups and downs like the rest of us?

10:40 - Fatherhood

11:09 - Who would David be without Castleman Disease and the death of his mother?

15:24 - Living a life where you don't plan more than three months ahead...

17:20 - When being naive is actually good for the research.

19:00 - David hopes what he learned on his deathbed can help you - before you're on your deathbed.

20:30 - What's his work* schedule?

21:15 - *Is it actually work?

23:48 - Does "everything happen for a reason?"

27:20 - The truth about existing drugs, and their untapped potential.

35:20 - The GOAT game.

38:05 - What's next?

Part I of Ajay's conversation with David.

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